Hokkaido Puppies Available April 2017

There are some very nice Hokkaido puppies from a litter in Japan for sale. I am traveling to Tokyo with a group and will be able to bring one or both back with me to the states in April, with stops in LA area and then Seattle. Two red girls are available still. There would be a significant savings on shipping fees (often $1500 for live cargo back from Japan!) Co-ownership would be ideal for breeding purposes and I could negotiate on sharing cost of import to the right home. Please let me know if you are interested and I can get more information for you.



2016 Hokkaido Club Updates

There is 1 more puppy reservation spot available for the Hokusei Kashinoki “B” litter with anticipated pick up time in Fall 2017. Parents will be Umma and Kuma. The “C” and “D” litters are also being planned. In preparation for upcoming breedings, a planned import, planned health tests and breeding fees (parents are on opposite ends of the country), the club is again accepting donations to offset travel to https://www.paypal.me/Hokkaido

The puppy wish list is also updated:

Hokkaido Puppy Wish List Link: https://amzn.com/w/35CA4TV83KTJO

Genetic Testing: the Hokkaido club is submitting DNA samples for a gene study sponsored by Mars Veterinary. We have been offered a limited number of free testing kits and encourage any owners near or far to contact the club if you wish to be sent testing kits to use on your Hokkaido. Ideally we want dogs from North America, but lines related to our dogs domestically should also be represented internationally. Please send a request with your name, dogs info, and a mailing address to info@hokkaidoken.org if you wish to participate.


An update we have been eagerly waiting to announce: a wonderful home came to meet Genko and they all fell in love with each other immediately. Genko is now living close by with her very own people and their child, and very much in heaven by all accounts. She is a wonderful house pet and she so deserved this after having so much instability in her life just before moving to Washington. Her OFAs are also now available and her DNA is submitted to Optimal Selection. To keep up to date on Genko’s adventures, she has her own Instagram at helloimgenko https://www.instagram.com/helloimgenko/

Lastly, one of Genko’s sons, brindle boy Genji (Genjiro go Hokusei Kashinoki) is now collected and stored with ICSB, and we plan to collect his nice white brother Teddy to keep on hand for future use as well with compatible club females. Genji’s OFAs and gene testing are scheduled, and plans are underway for Teddy’s evaluation as well. Results will be shared here when available.

Young Adult Female for Placement

Please email info@hokkaidoken.org with inquiries, or phone 253.278.1169 if interested in a young adult female Hokkaido. Fully house trained, excellent with adults and children, well socialized to dogs, leash trained and crate trained. Current on vaccines and will be spayed prior to placement. Dog experienced homes in Western Washington preferred. Reduced rehoming fee.

Hokkaido Updates

Happy Holidays to all, especially those who have made donations towards the care of the Hokkaido. Please send me a mailing address if you have made a donation so I can send a “thank you”, and include your address with any future donations. With the holidays here, I have updated our  Hokkaido Club Wishlist, and have a litter planned for 2016 so am getting prepped for that. Any item donation is much appreciated:

Link: http://amzn.com/w/35CA4TV83KTJO


A huge thanks to Val for the wonderful gift of Ruffwear gear for Genko and Umma!


I am going through chewies, bones, Kongs and treat toys left and right to keep the puppies occupied on these rainy days. We could definitely use more. I look forward to spring litters from now on!


The last few weeks have been a journey, as you may imagine life with 4 Hokkaido puppies may be, especially over the holidays. They are 15 weeks old and hitting their milestones, with the two black brindle sisters just a few days from their big adventure on an airplane to their various destinations, and brother Retar waiting for the New Year to join his new home in Portland.


Umma is a doll and she is an easy going puppy who is good being confined, easy to handle, content, and agreeable with everyone. She is also very quiet aside from brief happy howling moments. This is her puppy collar from Knine Couture http://www.kninecouture.com/

Puppies have been accident free overnight and are doing great on crate training overall and leash/collar training. They are still great for nails and baths. Their Vet visits have been unremarkable. I had them all microchipped and they have most of their vaccines.  No hernias, healthy eyes, good bites, good knees and hips, good hearts, testicles present on the boys, and no abnormalities.


Kurasi at the Vet this week.


Kunne at the Vet getting her Health Certificate.




The black brindle girls a few weeks ago with their doggy grandma on a cold winter day.


After the blow dry at the groomer, not their favorite but they survived.


Umma all spic and span (and a little worried but not terribly so).

Their momma Genko is enjoying her new life here with her Shiba family. They share the couch, playtime, chewies and walkies together, even with the other girls, which is a total bonus. She has officially integrated and loves going on pack walks and outings to the dog stores, even to the dog shows to do her health tests. She is just an agreeable dog (not perfect, but a good dog all the same). Being in a stable environment with structure and schedule has really helped her settle in.




A blurry group photo as they wait to come inside for their homemade dinner.

Apologies for the lack of good quality photos and video. The only camera I have on hand is on my cell phone.

Puppy Progress at 11 Weeks, Eye Exams, Wishlist

I thought it might be beneficial to catalog the progress of development of the puppies who have been placed already…2 more are set to leave soon 🙂 This way I can maybe help to demystify the breed so people can see that they really are just regular dogs:

Genji (aka Rakko) is boarding with me for the holiday and he is doing so well. It’s really nice to see the progress he has made in his new home and how well behaved he is. His owner has him in private lessons and he is taking puppy classes.

His brother Yukar is also doing well and also working with a private trainer. He goes to work with his new dad part of the week and gets to be an office dog. He is also doing really well in his new home by all accounts and his trainer has this to say:

“11 week old Hokkaido’s progress is going very well. 4th session today. Leash skills are coming along nicely, introduced him to the agility tunnel which he loved and of course had to include the perch. He has learned all his basic obedience skills and a few other behaviors to date and as important his confidence has improved so much he has become a social butterfly. <happy sigh>”

Some video from this week of the puppies here. The two black/brindle girls are getting ready for their departure dates. We got some CERFs done for them and no surprises there. Vet appointments this week were all great: no murmurs, no hernias, good bites, boys all had testicles, and all got microchipped.

And here is a short video of Retar. I am still interviewing suitable homes for him:

You can see he is very people focused and outgoing and confident. Nice nice puppy.

Lastly, please check out our Amazon Wishlist if you desire to help the breed project but are not ready to own one of these dogs:


Hokkaido Puppy Retar is Available for Placement

I am offering 10 week old Retar for placement. He is my pick Hokkaido puppy from this breeding for type and temperament. I do have 3 intact boys already so I need to place him with a cooperative home who would like to be included in the breed preservation project. He is the white pup with red tones. Retar has a very outgoing, happy, resilient, friendly personality and he likes spending time with people and other dogs. He does a happy howl greeting which is common with this breed. He will make a very nice pet for a person who wants an active dog to take on walks, hikes, swimming, or agility classes. He would also do well in dog shows for a beginner or for fun. He would do best with people who are able to include him in daily activities more often then leave him by himself. He is up to date on vaccines, wormed, microchipped, and started on potty and leash training. Email inquiries to info@hokkaidoken.org