Importing a Hokkaido from Japan

This will be my report of my experience with importing Hokkaido directly from Japan. My impression of the breed is that there is a great deal of mystery surrounding them, with very little information that would be useful to a person seeking a pet, a quality breeding and/or working dog, unless they happen to speak Japanese. According to my contact, there are about 10,000 Hokkaido worldwide and most of them are tucked away in remote areas of Japan dutifully guarding houses or hunting deer in the mountains, when they aren’t busy making television commercial appearances. 

Their breeders and owners also don’t speak English, and probably don’t use the internet. That’s where it pays to have a cultural broker who is super dog savy, knows breeders, and can speak Japanese. Oh, and the broker should probably be male as the hobby of breeding these rare hunting dogs is centered around hunting and competition. Not many ladies who will deal with that I imagine.

At this point, I’m looking for an unrelated breeding pair as it’s more cost effective to ship two pups in one crate. I’m also on the lookout for future co-owners and people who will be interested in helping me establish a breed club in the US, in importing more dogs, and planning some cooperative breedings. Any current Hokkaido owners or fanciers in the states? Reply or send me an email so we can talk.


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