Showing a Hokkaido Ken in the United States

Part of my intention when importing a rare breed like the Hokkaido, is to get it out where fanciers can meet and great it. There is one show in the US that is perfect for this, the Nippo Classic, but Canadian KC followed by UKC are also “good” starting points, and lastly, IABCA or ARBA (which are probably the least helpfull). I say that because dog shows are not the be all end all, tho it never hurts to get an outside opinion from an expert, which in the case of the Classic, would be a senior Japanese Nippo judge. For those who don’t know, I show my Shibas in AKC and my CO in IABCA, and I can tell you, do NOT breed a dog soley based on show wins. Do not do this. There are many, many examples of “champion” dogs in AKC, UKC, and rare breed shows who should definately not be bred and don’t hold up to the standards of their country of origions, but sadly are bred regardless. I do not want this happening with the Hokkaido.

Basically, where you can show depends on registration. Here is a bit of info on registration courtesy of Shigeru:

“There are two main registries, the Hokkaido Ken Kyokai (Hokkaido Dog Association), and Hokkaido Ken Hozonkai (Hokkaido Dog Preservation Society). The HKH is the older and larger of the two registries with around 600-700 registrations total every year. HKK has around 200-300. The HKK split off of the HKH though I’m not quite sure of the history behind that. The HKH is fully recognized by NIPPO and the Japan Kennel Club, so HKH dogs can have their registrations transferred to NIPPO or JKC at any time.”

What this means, is that HKH Hokkaido shipped to the US, will be able to show at Nippo events like the Classic and recieve the expert judges evaluation. I’m hoping to show any Hokkaido I have at the Classic. Here is some info on ring procedure and about last year’s Shiba Classic with instructions on how to show a Japanese Dog

A goal I have for Hokkaido in the US, is to establish a strong breed club which would be based out of Washington, and go on to host a Specialty for the breed with a Nippo judge as our guest and keynote speaker for US breeder education. There’s a lot of steps in the meantime and probably a decade or two before that comes close to happening, but it’s something to work towards.


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