Hokkaido FCI Standard (with google translate)

FCI-Standard N ° 261 / 16.06.1999 / GB
TRANSLATION: Dr. Paschoud and Prof. JM. R. Triquet.
ORIGIN: Japan.
UTILIZATION: Hunting dog and companion.
CLASSIFICATION FCI: Group 5 Spitz and primitive types.
Section 5 Asian Spitz and related breeds.
Without working trial.
BRIEF HISTORY: They say that this breed descended from dogs of medium size Japanese who accompanied migrants from Honshu, the main island of Japan, Hokkaido during the Kamakura era (in 1140s), while trade between island of Hokkaido and the Tohoku District were developed. When in 1937 the race was declared “Natural Monument”, it took the name of the region where it originated. It is also known as “Ainu-ken, seen as the Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido, they used these dogs to hunt bear and other animals. The morphology of Hokkaido enables him to endure the bitter cold and withstand heavy snowfall. It also demonstrates a sure appreciation of things and of great strength.
GENERAL APPEARANCE: Medium size, well balanced, sturdily built and provided a solid backbone. Secondary sexual characteristics are very pronounced. His muscles have tone and offer clean lines.
The ratio of height at withers and body length is 10: 11.
The ratio of skull length of muzzle is 3: 2.
Skull length is equal to its width at the cheeks, about one quarter of the height at withers.
BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT: Dog of noteworthy endurance, showing dignity and naturalness. He is faithful, docile, very alert and bold.
Skull and face: Broad and slightly flattened
Stop: Shallow, but still marked.
Nose: Black, flesh-colored dogs permissible in white dress.
Muzzle: Wedge shaped, straight.
Lips: Tight, black edges.
Jaws / Teeth: Strong with a scissor.
Cheeks: Well developed.
Eyes: Relatively small, almost triangular in shape, set well apart and dark brown.
Ears: Small, triangular, slightly inclining forward and firmly pricked.
NECK: Strong and muscular, without dewlap.
Withers: Well.
Back: Straight and strong.
Loin: Moderately broad and muscular.
Croup: Properly sloped.
Chest: Brisket well developed chest deep and of moderate width, ribs well sprung.
Belly: Well tucked up.
TAIL: Set high, thick, carried over back strongly curled or curved like a sickle, the tip of the tail nearly reaching hocks when let down.
Shoulders: Moderately sloping.
Forearm: Straight, clean lines.
Metacarpals: Slightly sloping.
Hindquarters: Powerful.
Hocks: Strong, sturdy enough.
Feet: Toes well arched and tight, hard pads and elastic nails hard and black
or dark.
GAIT: Active, lively, light and elastic.
HAIR: Outer coat harsh and straight, undercoat soft and dense hair of the tail is quite long and discarded.
COLOUR: Sesame (red fawn hairs with black tips), brindle, red, black, black and tan, white.
Height at withers: males 48.5 to 51, 5 cm
females from 45.5 to 48, 5 cm.
FAULTS: Any departure from the foregoing should be considered a fault to be in exact proportion to its severity and its consequences on the health and welfare of the dog.
Sexual characters reversed.
Slight prognathism higher or lower.
Aggressive or overly shy.
Overshot or undershot.
Not carried ears pricked.
Short-tailed or pending.
Subject shy.
Any dog clearly showing abnormal physical or behavioral abnormalities
shall be disqualified.
NB: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.
A tongue of blue-black is not considered a defect.


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