More Visitors, Wishlist and 3 Weeks Puppy Pictures

Puppies are 3 weeks old now and growing up, doing more dog things like barking and playing and play growls, and most appreciated: they are using pee pads very reliably.

They had some admirers to visit that got these great photos, with many more adorable shots at:

3 weeks brindles

The brindle kids, on the left is the little boy Rakko, and to the right is Umma.

3 weeks hokka

The two white boys, Yukar and his redder brother Retar 😉

B and T 5

And the black/brindle vs black/tan (time will tell) girls, Kunne (left) and Kurasi (right).


Thanks Jen!

Jen and Hokkas

Also, another big thank you is owed to the HANA supporter who helped me fulfill many items on the Hokkaido Puppy Amazon Wishlist. So many thanks!!!


Home Visits and Puppy Chow

A big thank you to the HANA supporter who helped me fulfill an item on the Hokkaido Puppy Amazon Wishlist


In other news, the puppies had a couple of families to visit the last few days. It’s always nice to introduce people to the breed and get to know them. Genko very much enjoyed getting the extra treats.

Special Visitors, and Puppy Names

We have had some very special visitors the last few weeks.

Thank you Jennifer for  bringing Kiba and Taro (Kai and Shiba) over to play with the dogs and for taking Shiba puppy photos.

Also thanks to CJ for stopping by with her Kishu Krew and Kamera…She got some wonderful shots of momma Genko and babies:



Puppy 1 and Puppy 2 are now “Rakko” and “Kurasi”

Rakko is the smaller brindle boy, and his name means “Otter”, and it’s a great name for this guy who is a little survivor.

Kurasi is Ainu for dark. She is the darkest puppy.


Puppy 6, the very white male on the left, is now “Retar”, the Ainu word for white.

His brother puppy 4, the white pup with lots of red, is named “Yukar”, who Meitou the white Hokkaido picked out 🙂 Yukar are Ainu heroic/epic stories. Yukar is sure to have some of those about him.


Puppy 3, the large black/tan/brindle girl, is now “Kunne”, which is Ainu for black.

And lastly, her brindle sister, puppy 5, is the largest girl of the litter, and we decided to name her “Umma”, which means horse. I think it’s a very pretty name for this not so little girl. These two girls will be staying on a bit longer so I can evaluate which is the better fit to take over for Genko.


I checked several of the available online dictionaries for Ainu translations…I hope they were accurate! If you the readers see an error there, please let me know. I would hope I am not unknowingly calling any of them “Bilge water” or “Outhouse” or something unflattering lol.

One more thing, thank you SO MUCH for those who have helped me fulfill some of the Hokkaido Puppy Amazon Wishlist

We got a couple orders already, and another big box of puppy pads!


Hokkaido Puppy Amazon Wish List

If anyone would like to contribute towards raising this historic litter and the Hokkaido Project, if only from a distance, I have created a Hokkaido Puppy Amazon Wish List:

Although we have all essential supplies, they will grow quickly (and eat a lot), and momma Genko has a lot of puppies to feed. They will also be hard on toys, so chewies, food and cleaning supplies will go quickly and need continual replacement. I may also need to hold onto any puppies that may go to Europe until they are about 4 months old, due to Rabies and international requirements.

The puppies say thank you!

Genko’s Care

Since I prefer picture posts, I’m going to add a second part for today’s posting regarding what I’ve been supplementing/feeding Genko with. She has been getting the following since she had puppies:


Items listed are: Solid Gold Puppy, Evangers canned lamb/rice, a vitamin supplement, Honest Kitchen goat milk ProBloom, Endosorb tabs, Fish oil, Forti Flora, and pumpkin powder.

As you can maybe tell, we have been dealing with some loose stool as she ate all of the placentas pretty much immediately as they came out. With 6 puppies? The aftermath is well, messy, and the puppies aren’t even on their feet yet.

So, when I got my 2nd big box of Nature’s Miracle 100ct Tropical scented puppy pads today from Amazon, you can imagine I was especially excited. She went through one box already this week…100ct. That’s a lot of poo, but birth is a messy thing, so not unexpected. And the bulking agents and probiotics do really help, it’s just a natural process that takes time to clear out of the momma dogs system.

Before she was bred, at the recommendation of my Reproductive Vet, she was given folic acid, fish oil, probiotics, and Vitamin E. No cleft palates or neural tube defects later, I’m glad I’ve done the extra work. She was also wormed heavily just in case.

I am also feeding her 3-4 times a day, which she enjoys (and getting tidbits and chewies too). There’s a lot of work that goes into a healthy mom and babies!

Puppies 1 Week Old Now

Well puppies are now 1 week old and  the smallest are nearly a pound, still obviously smaller, but holding their own. Genko is bored and feeling like her old self again, bringing me toys to play with her and wanting to spend time with her Shiba boyfriends. 

The puppy room heating pad and heat lamp are off most of the time as it’s been warm out, and they twitch their little ears now so I think they are hearing for the first time. I have been playing my “Puppy Sounds” CD and they have the Classical Radio Station on the rest of the time.

They are handled multiple times during the day, and held and their feet touched…everything I would do for a Shiba litter. Once their eyes open, then the real fun begins!

Puppy Pictures

Puppies have made it passed the 4 days old mark and are all gaining well, with the very smallest (brindle boy) needing twice daily weights still.

Puppy 1, brindle boy:


Puppy 2, small black/tan/brindle girl:


Puppy 3, larger black/tan/brindle girl:


Puppy 4, red tinged white male:


Puppy 5, brindle girl:


Puppy 6, large very white male: