Genko’s Care

Since I prefer picture posts, I’m going to add a second part for today’s posting regarding what I’ve been supplementing/feeding Genko with. She has been getting the following since she had puppies:


Items listed are: Solid Gold Puppy, Evangers canned lamb/rice, a vitamin supplement, Honest Kitchen goat milk ProBloom, Endosorb tabs, Fish oil, Forti Flora, and pumpkin powder.

As you can maybe tell, we have been dealing with some loose stool as she ate all of the placentas pretty much immediately as they came out. With 6 puppies? The aftermath is well, messy, and the puppies aren’t even on their feet yet.

So, when I got my 2nd big box of Nature’s Miracle 100ct Tropical scented puppy pads today from Amazon, you can imagine I was especially excited. She went through one box already this week…100ct. That’s a lot of poo, but birth is a messy thing, so not unexpected. And the bulking agents and probiotics do really help, it’s just a natural process that takes time to clear out of the momma dogs system.

Before she was bred, at the recommendation of my Reproductive Vet, she was given folic acid, fish oil, probiotics, and Vitamin E. No cleft palates or neural tube defects later, I’m glad I’ve done the extra work. She was also wormed heavily just in case.

I am also feeding her 3-4 times a day, which she enjoys (and getting tidbits and chewies too). There’s a lot of work that goes into a healthy mom and babies!


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