More Visitors, Wishlist and 3 Weeks Puppy Pictures

Puppies are 3 weeks old now and growing up, doing more dog things like barking and playing and play growls, and most appreciated: they are using pee pads very reliably.

They had some admirers to visit that got these great photos, with many more adorable shots at:

3 weeks brindles

The brindle kids, on the left is the little boy Rakko, and to the right is Umma.

3 weeks hokka

The two white boys, Yukar and his redder brother Retar 😉

B and T 5

And the black/brindle vs black/tan (time will tell) girls, Kunne (left) and Kurasi (right).


Thanks Jen!

Jen and Hokkas

Also, another big thank you is owed to the HANA supporter who helped me fulfill many items on the Hokkaido Puppy Amazon Wishlist. So many thanks!!!



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