These Puppies Have Flare

Nursing puppies are always fun to watch, especially when they really get going and look like little piano hammers. And my goodness the two white puppies are determined nurses (here are the two small babies getting their mommy and me time):


Puppy Pictures

Puppies have made it passed the 4 days old mark and are all gaining well, with the very smallest (brindle boy) needing twice daily weights still.

Puppy 1, brindle boy:


Puppy 2, small black/tan/brindle girl:


Puppy 3, larger black/tan/brindle girl:


Puppy 4, red tinged white male:


Puppy 5, brindle girl:


Puppy 6, large very white male:


Hokkaido Litter Born 9/6/15, 1st US Litter!

The first HANA Project litter has arrived, at a very reasonable hour, too. There are 6 healthy puppies: 2 brindles (boy/girl), 2 white boys, and 2 black and tan girls. It’s a nice litter and has effectively doubled the population of potentially breed-able Hokkaido in North America. Genko is being a very good mom! Both brindles are spoken for, and possibly one of the B/T girls. I’m interested in finding co-owners for the remaining B/T female and possibly one of the white males.

The plan after this includes health screenings on the litter for eyes and MyDogDNA, with some added tests for each parent, and translations. I would also like to breed Genko one additional time. Send inquiries to

Genko litter day 1