Never Feed After Midnight…

…unless you want a giant mess to wake up to.  Anyways, all the puppies, now 5 weeks old, got their first bath and I am impressed.  Not one sound or attempt to struggle, and I was able to even bathe two at a time in the sink…and they liked it! They are fully transitioned to eating Wellness kibbles and canned and are eager eaters. I find it’s easier to predict when they have to go when they have controlled feedings and set meal times, so now we really are working hard for potty training. Genko still feeds them 1-2 times a day, but she is a small dog and her body appreciates the rest.




Farrah appreciates them having clean feet before climbing all over her.

I added some new items to our Hokkaido Puppy Wish List: send to 7221 128th street East, Puyallup WA 98373

Puppies would appreciate some new toys, a play tunnel, and the covered outdoor play pen

Thank you for reading!


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