Puppy Visitors

Puppies received several visitors today, with a very special guest appearance by the 1st Hokkaido I ever met, the one who really charmed my socks off, the famous Meitou (and his wonderful mom). Genko has met them both before, and was careful to remind Meitou about her personal space bubble. And Meitou totally ignored her 😉





He was really great with the puppies and it was exciting to compare all 8 Hokkaido to each other…a very nice opportunity!


Lastly, today was Christmas for the Hokka pups and Genko when we opened the very thoughtful and generous wishlist packages. I was speechless at the generosity! Thank you sooo much Karilyn and Cam! Also thank you Jen, I know the puppies enjoyed your tasty shoes. And a big thank you to Wendy for getting to know my dogs today, and most especially for your quick thinking (words cannot express what that means to me).

A more detailed puppy progress report will be provided within the next few days. They are really becoming their own dogs!


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