8 Weeks Old Hokkaido Puppies, Puppy for Placement

I have decided to offer my pick male puppy to a cooperative home and keep his sister Umma, as my current boys won’t be tolerant of another male inside. He has everything I think a nice puppy of any breed should have (outgoing, sweet, sociable, resilient, confident, nice structure, loves to please and loves to work) and he has nice breed type. He is the first puppy to do new things and the first to explore, very bold and ready to take on any challenges. I would love to see him in a home who wants to do some performance work with him as he has all the makings of a very nice worker. Accepting inquiries for this puppy at info@hokkaidoken.org


Puppies are over 8 weeks now, and had their first Vet visit. All are healthy with out hernias, all bites are good, no heart murmurs and all the boys have their testicles. Umma has come with me to Flyball class and has a great little personality. Rakko (now Genji) and Yukar are leaving this coming weekend to local homes and it will be nice getting to see them as they grow. They have been spending more time playing with their mom and the Shibas and learning good doggy manners.

As it has been so rainy here and cold, their outdoor time has been somewhat confined to the covered areas of the yard, but they enjoy it all the same. An important lesson I have learned (oh so many things learned with this one litter already) is that 6 Hokkaido puppies at this age is too many in a group, so splitting them up into two play groups allows me to better manage them individually. They are learning about impulse control and waiting at doors and that keeping their feet on the ground gets them rewards. Such smart little puppies and so eager to please.

And thank you Ben for the awesome supplies of a covered puppy pen and toys:


We could also use some of these right now for the rainy days:


and these:


Hokkaido Puppy Wishlist


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