Hokkaido Puppies are 9 Weeks Old and 2 New Owners, Pup for Sale

The puppy named Rakko is now renamed Genjiro (Genji) and is settling into his new home. He is rather dapper in his Halloween costume, and his new parents and Shiba sibling are all very excited to have him home.


He was such a pleasure here, very helpful with showing doggy Grandma how to do yard work.


It was also very very nice to meet up with Yezo and Angela and Jun again so Genji’s new family can get a good idea about what he will look like when he is a big boy. Yezo and his Kai sisters remembered me and had a good romp in the back 40 after their long drive from Canada.


The first report indicates Genji is settling in well.


And chunky Yukar, the most mellow puppy of the Hokkaido Legion, has landed himself a wonderful new Dad who hopes to bring him to the office. His first training session is tomorrow and I think he will make a great little office guest.


And thank you for the Bully Sticks! Genko thinks these are manna from Heaven and these buy me 30 minutes to 1 hour of quiet puppies.


She is such an easy to please dog…

And this week we could use some Wellness Puppy KIbbles if anyone is inclined to donate, as well as busy puppy crate training toys like Kongs: Amazon Hokkaido Puppy Wishlist

As always, Genko and the puppies enjoy every one of these generous donations and we would like to send a token of our thanks, so if you have made a donation, please provide me with an address so Genko and pups can show you their appreciation (email to info@hokkaidoken.org)

Lastly, puppy Retar is still available on a conditional placement for the right home.


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