Puppy Progress at 11 Weeks, Eye Exams, Wishlist

I thought it might be beneficial to catalog the progress of development of the puppies who have been placed already…2 more are set to leave soon 🙂 This way I can maybe help to demystify the breed so people can see that they really are just regular dogs:

Genji (aka Rakko) is boarding with me for the holiday and he is doing so well. It’s really nice to see the progress he has made in his new home and how well behaved he is. His owner has him in private lessons and he is taking puppy classes.

His brother Yukar is also doing well and also working with a private trainer. He goes to work with his new dad part of the week and gets to be an office dog. He is also doing really well in his new home by all accounts and his trainer has this to say:

“11 week old Hokkaido’s progress is going very well. 4th session today. Leash skills are coming along nicely, introduced him to the agility tunnel which he loved and of course had to include the perch. He has learned all his basic obedience skills and a few other behaviors to date and as important his confidence has improved so much he has become a social butterfly. <happy sigh>”

Some video from this week of the puppies here. The two black/brindle girls are getting ready for their departure dates. We got some CERFs done for them and no surprises there. Vet appointments this week were all great: no murmurs, no hernias, good bites, boys all had testicles, and all got microchipped.

And here is a short video of Retar. I am still interviewing suitable homes for him:

You can see he is very people focused and outgoing and confident. Nice nice puppy.

Lastly, please check out our Amazon Wishlist if you desire to help the breed project but are not ready to own one of these dogs:


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