2016 Hokkaido Club Updates

There is 1 more puppy reservation spot available for the Hokusei Kashinoki “B” litter with anticipated pick up time in Fall 2017. Parents will be Umma and Kuma. The “C” and “D” litters are also being planned. In preparation for upcoming breedings, a planned import, planned health tests and breeding fees (parents are on opposite ends of the country), the club is again accepting donations to offset travel to https://www.paypal.me/Hokkaido

The puppy wish list is also updated:

Hokkaido Puppy Wish List Link: https://amzn.com/w/35CA4TV83KTJO

Genetic Testing: the Hokkaido club is submitting DNA samples for a gene study sponsored by Mars Veterinary. We have been offered a limited number of free testing kits and encourage any owners near or far to contact the club if you wish to be sent testing kits to use on your Hokkaido. Ideally we want dogs from North America, but lines related to our dogs domestically should also be represented internationally. Please send a request with your name, dogs info, and a mailing address to info@hokkaidoken.org if you wish to participate.


An update we have been eagerly waiting to announce: a wonderful home came to meet Genko and they all fell in love with each other immediately. Genko is now living close by with her very own people and their child, and very much in heaven by all accounts. She is a wonderful house pet and she so deserved this after having so much instability in her life just before moving to Washington. Her OFAs are also now available and her DNA is submitted to Optimal Selection. To keep up to date on Genko’s adventures, she has her own Instagram at helloimgenko https://www.instagram.com/helloimgenko/

Lastly, one of Genko’s sons, brindle boy Genji (Genjiro go Hokusei Kashinoki) is now collected and stored with ICSB, and we plan to collect his nice white brother Teddy to keep on hand for future use as well with compatible club females. Genji’s OFAs and gene testing are scheduled, and plans are underway for Teddy’s evaluation as well. Results will be shared here when available.

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