Hokkaido Importing Fundraiser

HANA is officially beginning a fundraiser to import this white Hokkaido female to the United States:




This lovely female will ideally come to live in Washington where she can keep Genko company and be raised with a nice group of Shibas until she is old enough for health testing. She may also go on to a cooperative home depending on how she matures. Any donation effort is valued, but donations over $100 will get you an awesome HANA t-shirt and a hearty thanks from breed fanciers in North America, where her genetic diversity and stable temperament are needed. Donations made may be used towards general club expenses beyond importing. Below is our Paypal you may donate to:

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Reblogged fromĀ The Nihon Ken Blog:


This would be a very nice puppy to have in the states!

“There a female puppy that will be coming to my house in a week or so that is in need of a home.
I had one lined up for her, but things didn’t work out at the last minute. If anyone’s interested, hit me up at kato.the.walrus@gmail.com and we can discuss the details.



As you can see, she’s a very nice pup. She’s out of a Howa Sou, a kennel that produces really nice white show dogs. The Hokkaido is not the breed for everyone as they’re a pretty high energy vocal hunting breed, and I’ll be vetting prospective owners accordingly. She was born on the 24th of May.”