The HANA Project

The HANA project was formally established around 2015, after the Hokkaido Association of North America was born. The HANA project exists to unite Hokkaido breeders in North America who agree to share a common purpose, ethical code, and mutual goals of breed preservation, importing, and breed development outside of Japan. Early project participants agreed to import dogs and make them available to one another for breeding without emphasis on individual gain. This project was born of a strong desire to see the breed bloom, much like the logo that was designed for us (featuring the pink cosmos flower of Hokkaido, hana meaning flower in Japanese).

This project cannot exist without a strong network of dedicated fanciers. If you would like to join, please fill out an application HANA_membership_app new and send annual dues to our club paypal

If you would like to support the HANA project, please consider making a donation to or purchasing our trademarked club merchandise on Red Bubble:

All donations and club dues go towards maintenance of media accounts and webpages and group health tests (DNA swabs and genetic screenings for CEA).

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